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Lightning Fast Speeds

With Industry leading network infrastructure including spead throughout Ashburn, Zhu’s proprietary proxy software enables users to enjoy lightning-fast speeds with no congestion


Zhu Proxies has servers in various colocations across Ashburn, Delaware and Los Angeles to optimize speed and uptime for our users to access sites across the glob


Zhu Proxies takes security very seriously and have integrated measures to protect the data of our customers while using our services


Zhu proxies takes pride in its in-house network which providing our customers with 99.99% uptime during stressful drops


Our dedicated support staff with +80 years of combined professional experience is around 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns regarding your proxies


Our IT team hand selects each IP range to ensure localhost quality IPs so users are able to access any site with ease. Prior to allocation, each server is stress tested and capable of handling resource intensive work loads during crunch time

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